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Vehicle Service Contract

If your credit union is looking for an easy, safe, and proven vehicle service contract program to offer, we would like you to consider us.

Auto Exam, Inc. offers credit unions one of the best vehicle service contract programs in the industry, provided by Vision Warranty Corporation. Our program is currently running in over 400 credit unions in 30 states. The key to our success is that “we do all the work” for the loan officer. Auto Exam, Inc. handles every aspect of the sale for its credit union partners.

New & Used Vehicle Service Contracts

Credit union members want to protect themselves from the high cost of mechanical repairs. We have put together a national service contract program for new and used vehicles that is good all over the United States and Canada. This program provides comprehensive coverages, terms, and deductibles designed for maximum flexibility. This program is insured by First Colonial Insurance Company or Northbrook Indemnity Company; each of these entities are members of the Allstate® family of companies. Our benefits include:

  • Bumper-to-Bumper Exclusionary new car coverage
  • Comprehensive used car coverage
  • Low cost “Wrap” plans
  • Several deductible options available
  • Direct payment, “No hassle” claims, no reimbursement forms
  • Full open enrollment, member may purchase coverage at any time
  • Premium can be added to the amount financed with the vehicle loan
  • Coverage is transferable

This is a great product to offer to credit union members because it is an easy add-on to any auto loan and can help minimize losses to the credit union. Vehicle service contracts are a great source of fee income for the credit unions who provide them.

Auto Exam, Inc. takes care of credit union members with no extra work to the loan officers. We talk to the loan officer or member, quote the prices, print the contracts, fill out the registers, handle all cancellations and transfers, take the liability, and make the credit union the lienholder on the policy. The loan officer can even purchase the policy over the Internet on our Real-Time Web Quote System.

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