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Guaranteed Asset Protection helps borrowers avoid financial loss in the event their vehicle is totaled or stolen. Since insurance settlements are based on the car’s actual cash value, they are often less than the loan balance. This creates a deficiency balance or “gap” that could jeopardize repayment. GAP pays the covered deficiency balance, preventing the borrower and financial institution from a possible loan loss. Our flexible program allows you to customize a program that fits your lending needs.

ISI will assist you in the step-by-step process of launching this program at your institution. Training and support is what drives the program’s success.

Advantages of the ISI GAP Program

  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Custom pricing
  • Continuous training and The Rule of “300”
  • Advanced technology

With commitment to your financial institution and advanced cross training techniques, ISI is your choice for Guaranteed Asset Protection!

Strength of Experience

Strength of Experience

Knowledge, diversity, responsiveness, results...

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Planning for the Future

Planning for the Future

Commitment to Service...

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