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CreditSmarts is a Multi-Channel Loan Origination System. We support streamline both direct and indirect loan transactions through intelligent risk analysis. A solution to bridge the gap between Consumer Lenders and Retail Dealers.

Benefit from a powerful lineup of proven solutions that can help you achieve your goals. Becoming a member of the CreditSmarts network or Lenders means that you are committed to bringing the highest and best loan programs to your customer as well as insuring the highest level of profitability for your business.

  • No upfront cost!
  • Remote accessibility
  • Ease of implementation!
  • Management Tracking Reports

Strength of Experience

Strength of Experience

Knowledge, diversity, responsiveness, results...

When it comes to knowing what it takes to succeed in the financial industry, ISI continues to build upon the strength and quality of our service... Learn More

Planning for the Future

Planning for the Future

Commitment to Service...

At ISI, we believe that a total commitment to service requires more than simply fulfilling your expectations... Learn More